Believe me memories make great books!

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My grandson was 18 months old and he still hadn’t said a word.  I noticed it, but decided to give him until he was 2 years old to be certain he wasn’t just a slow starter.  Well, at 24 months old, I took him to his pediatrician and the doctor sent us to the right people to have him evaluated.  Once the proper tests had been done, and the neurologist examined him, it was determined that he was, in fact, Autistic.  Well, I panicked because I never had to deal with that condition.  I didn’t even know what it was.  I really didn’t know who would help us either.  Thank goodness for people who specialize in these types of situation with special needs children.  The school reps came out to our home and immediately put my mind at ease, letting me know that they did know what to do.  First of all they put him in pre-school. After about a week in school, the first words he spoke were, “NO” and “STOP”!  That was music to my ears.

Fast forward nine years and he is 11 years old sitting right next to me as I do this post playing his violin and passing gas and laughing about it.  It’s still music to my ears.  He’s faced a lot of challenges, some that made me cry. Who knows what’s to come?  But he is still the joy of our lives and he has given us lasting memories.

Believe me memories make great books.

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A Few More Memories

Talk about memories:  My eldest daughter is 38 years old.  But once she was 5 years old and she was watching a cartoon on T.V.  She came and asked, “Mom, can I have a Ahhple (apple)?  I got one for her and washed and wiped it. I told her, “Whatever parts you don’t eat, bring them back to me,” (I was expecting that she’d bring me the inside, seeds, and the core).  Well, when the cartoon was over and she came back to me, she handed me the little stem, that was all.  I looked at her and asked was there anymore. She said, “No”.  So, I said, “Oh”.  Apparently, it didn’t do her any harm, because she grew up to be a great business woman.

5-year old apple core eater Erika           38-year old Business Woman Erika

Before you think that you can’t write a book, just gather those childhood memories. You’ll find out you’ve got a wonderful and heartfelt book in you.  Just put it on paper and then send it to me when you’re finished.  I’m here for you.

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Memories Make Great books!



My grandson turned eleven years old in January.  He felt like he was a really big boy once he turned eleven.  When he awoke on his birthday, he cleared his throat and said in a very perplexed voice, “Mom, how come my voice isn’t deeper, since I am eleven now?”  I tried to explain that in time it will get deeper, but he didn’t buy that. He dismissed it, so I left it alone, too.  Later that same day, he asked me, “Will I be able to shave now?”  I tried to let him know that he was still too young to shave.  A bad choice of words on my part.  So, I salvaged my answer with, “When you begin to get hair on your face you can.”   I will always remember that. It’s a great memory.   

Today, I asked him why he didn’t give me a hug and kiss hardly, anymore. He said, “Mom, I don’t give much ‘sugar’ anymore because I am a PRE-TEEN.  That’s a good memory I will always cherish, too.

You, too, have great memories and you are inspired to put them on paper.  Go ahead and do it.  It will make you laugh, cry, and sigh.  But you will cherish them always.  When you are finished, send it to me.  I am always here for you.

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As I think about what I want in my book/journal I find that there is so much that I can write about.  Things happy and sad, fun and not so fun. Boy, oh boy.  I understand now what writers deal with when their thoughts are coming ‘fast and furious’ or slow and muddled.  I decided that I will choose to write what fills my heart the most.  In choosing like that I believe I will be able to convey to my readers a part of me never known or only vaguely known.  

I love authors and writers so much.  They are the world’s most unique people.  They are brave and daring and unashamed to let the world know what’s in their hearts and minds or what they are passionate about. Keep choosing to write about things that fill you with emotions, both good and bad.  And for goodness sake, don’t ever second guess youself.  Remember, you are unique. When your manuscript is completed send it to me. Remember, I am choosing to be there for you, to listen to you and above all- I’m here for you.

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As you already know, I have a thing for grammar.  Go figure.  My first passion was to be an opera singer.  In High School I started learning the art of opera singing, but my Mom quickly put a stop to that with the remark, “You can’t feed yourself like that”.  Oh well. So, after that I worked for many years in offices and then one day, I found myself helping my daughter with her online business. A young lady needed a pamphlet proofed; and I proofed it for her.  I found my niche at that moment; and the rest is history.

Well, I have been content to edit your wonderful works of literature.  I truly enjoy helping others with their books and I believe I always will.  But something life changing happened in my family about two years ago and I wanted to talk about it, at first.  Then, I decided that maybe I should write about it.  I’ve joined the ranks of writers!

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So, I have put pen to paper or  fingers to the keyboard and have begun writing my own book for the very first time in my life.  It’s entitled, Tears in a Bottle: A Journal.

I need to follow my own words of encouragement that I have shared with all of you.  Just one favor I ask:  Check in on me periodically to see if I am practicing what I preach. Thanks.

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I CRAVE A BOON FROM YOU… (Can we talk…?)

STATEMENT:  With the dawning of another traditional festive gala jubilee on the mystical date of February 2, 2015, the life-giving organ in my being coaxes my person to articulate jargon that in bygone days I was ill-equipped to utter.  But alas, my being fills with vigor and ferocity and with such emotions emanating from my own frame, I am compelled to raise my voice and insist that my vocal chords agree with my urging to assert to you that if your body possesses passion of subjects far and wide, common or ethereal, lowly or elevated and this passion begs for words to be conveyed to the masses and to your utter shame your unique talent has not found expression with quill and paper, then you my friend are to be accused for not blessing the masses with what your passion is. Either hurriedly begin your chosen quest or……..  


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