Don’t let Thankfulness Be a Cliche’

It’s so easy to complain, especially in this world today.  All of us have opinions about what would make things better than they are.  The issues that face our world are truly complex and terrifying all at once. We don’t know when it will get better or even if it will get better.  Sounds like an attitude we don’t want to nurture, right?


Well, don’t foster it. That’s not the attitude you want.  There is one emotion that can dispel a lot of negative emotions and that emotion is gratitude or better put – THANKFULNESS.  Don’t let being thankful become commonplace.  There are too many in the world who don’t have just what you have and they are filled with gratitude. Don’t let thankfulness fill your heart and mind only on the last Thursday in November, but let it be a constant state with you that can culminate on Thanksgiving Day, when you and loved ones sit down to a family dinner and relax in each other’s company.  A thankful person is a happy person.



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Royal manual typewritertyping on manual typewriter

I learned to type on a Royal manual typewriter similar to this one.  aaa (sp) sss (sp) ddd (sp) fff (sp)… and so on.  If you learned to type wayyyyy back then as I did, you remember the drill.  Then your copy would come  out like the one above.  I’m not poking fun at these once high-tech business aids.  We still type everyday.  Technology, however, has come full swing and there is more technological advancements to come.  It’s very exciting!

And just as we have evolved from manual typewriters and carbon paper copies to computers, tablets, ipads, and cell phones, so we have to evolve our thinking where administrative services are concerned.

I had to help a 50 something gentlemen find employment.  When he sent me his resume’ it had been typed on a manual typewriter!  I was pleasantly shocked.  My first words to him were, “Come on, let’s get with it.  Bring your thinking up to the 20th century at least!”  (Between you and me and this blog, we brought him up to the 21st century).    I’m certain your resume’ is from this current century, but it might need an “an energy drink” to liven it up.  Send it to me and I’ll get it done for you and provide a cover letter to set you apart from other applicants.  Once you’re at the table with the interviewers, I have no doubt you’ll take care of the rest.

Remember, I’m here for you.




Be Yourself




It’s interesting that so many writers I speak with are uncertain of themselves and their talent for writing and the ideas they wish to write about.  I love having that conversation with them, because I get the opportunity to ask them a few of questions:  “Are you intimidated by other well-known writers and authors?  Do you have a topic/subject that is really pressing in your mind and heart that you want to explore?  How long have you felt that way?

Do some of these questions rise in your own mind as you ‘attempt’ to write?  Well, I suggest that you stop attempting to write, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say “I have to be myself”.  Do you know that among the billions of people inhabiting this planet there is only one you?  Yep, even if you’re a twin, there is something unique about you.  Please, don’t try to be like someone else in your writing. Readers appreciate you for being you.  So, since this is November, and many will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, look up and humbly tell God, “Thank you for making me, me.”

I’m here for you when that manuscript is completed.  Just give me a call.  Remember, too, that whatever the great work …


It’s Worth Editing,


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EDITING…It Just Makes Sense

It is interesting to note that encouraging writers to write is just a passion in me.  But would you believe that I never had that desire until two of my own children became writers and published books.  When they would feel discouraged and get in a slump about finishing a work, I would encourage them and push them on.  I’m a Mom after all!

So, when I began editing books and manuscripts for other writers and authors, I remembered how I encouraged my children to get their works done and published and wanted to always be the editor to feel along with the writer how exciting it is complete a great literary piece.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.  Contact me. I’m here for you.



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enthusiasm quote by Emerson

The year’s almost over now.  Reflect on it right now.  Do you have one of your goals accomplished? Are the letters behind your name yet?  Is that manuscript finished; those poems published; that group of short stories completed?  These are all good questions to ask yourself.

No matter the obstacles and circumstances don’t invent excuses.  Finish that book or paper before the end of this year.  I’ll make sure it’s ready for review or publishing.   You know why?  Because  my enthusiasm is helping you with your passion.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an auto immune condition.  Since September 1, 2015 I have been suffering with extreme Vertigo and am in physical therapy to help rid my body of it.  My goal is to beat these conditions and maladies and always help you get your great works ready for publishing and reading.  No, I don’t have any excuses.  I have enthusiasm – I’m gonna keep it, too.

Call me, I’m here for you.

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