Round and around!

I am suffering from Vertigo.  Everything is spinning around and around.  When I lie down it is the worst time as I feel as if I’m totally disconnected from the body and when I sit upright I feel as if I literally have to catch up to myself.  It has been 25 days now since this dizziness attacked me and it has been consistent in letting me know it’s not going away soon.


You’ve been going around and around about that book or poem or paper in  your head, too.  It’s spinning there now.  The difference is that your great work wants to stop spinning.  It desires to show itself in book form.  Don’t let it spin in your head forever like that.  Let it out to readers everywhere.  Get it done.  I’ll edit it for you.  Stop spinning!



Many people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds have contributed to this great country.  The Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans, and Caucasian Americans and any in between are all to be commended for their contributions and intense labor in this great nation.  With all of its problems it is still the best country in the world.  HAPPY LABOR DAY!BRAND_BIO_BSFC_153544_SF_2997_005_20131206_V1_HD_768x432-16x9 cp aafe-confucius-plaza-corky-leehoover-dam-native-american-work-crewLabor day