There is nothing like clichés; words or phrases that are so common they tend to lose their effectiveness completely.  Well, that usually  happens when that phrase has been worn out by a lot of people or a few people. Whatever the reason, it is possible to get calloused to phrases that once had meaning.  Here’s one from the dentist: “Brush twice a day and floss daily.”  We really get tired of that and make excuses for not following his or her advice until we are in the hot seat again and there is this HUGE needle  headed for your mouth!

syringe going into mouth

Then you think, “I should have flossed and brushed twice a day.”  Well, here are two cliché phrases that cannot lose their powerful message or effectiveness for you: YOU CAN DO IT! HANG IN THERE!  If these phrases lose their effect on you, we’ll never be privileged to read your great work.  Even more, you’ll never realize that dream of your first or second published book.  So please, you can do it.  Just hang in there. Writer’s block will dissipate.  The kids will go to bed or summer camp. You’ll get that two-week vacation, life will give you a break from its heartaches and disappointments. It’s then that I want you to get to writing, pecking and typing. Whenever you feel like it can’t be done, think about that big needle headed for your mouth and the regret you may feel.  Hey, I’m waiting to get that manuscript.  YOU CAN DO IT! HANG IN THERE!

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