Regret is distress of mind,sorrow for what has been done or failed to be done.

There’s nothing like regret.  We spend our time wishing we had done something or wishing we had not done something. Well in defense of regret, that’s life.  However, in opposition to regret, one can push on. Mistakes of the past pave the way for a brighter future.  Your future can be made much brighter if you stop talking yourself  out of what you know is a story, poem, novel or under graduate paper to achieve your goal.

I know a man,who after years of illegal activities, made a change in his life and has written three books detailing his rise from thug to author and entrepreneur.

That’s what I’m talking about.  Stop wishing and hoping.  Stop regretting.  Start writing.  I’m here for you.


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A wonderful place to get your groove on.

Royal Oak, MI in the fall is a great place to expand and get your groove back on at the Arts, Beats and Eats festival.    There are many other out there.  Tell me where you would like to expand and get your groove on.

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Ford Arts, Beats and Eats 2011 in downtown Royal Oak. (Photo By Steve Wiseman / CBS Radio Detroit)

Ford Arts, Beats and Eats 2011 in downtown Royal Oak. (Photo By Steve Wiseman / CBS Radio Detroit)

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My Work Station

IMG_20151008_094213Here is a photo of my workstation.  It is simple and clean, with just the essentials I need to do your manuscript or any other administrative services I must.  I like the view from my window, as it is a calming view for me to work by.  I have a clear mind to edit your great work and make it satisfactory to you and get it ready for your publisher.

It’s my passion to help you with your work.  How do you like that?   Just remember, I am here for you.
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Autumn in Michigan

Of all the seasons of the year, Autumn is my favorite.  More than winter turning into spring and more than spring becoming summer, the fall of the year is the time I use for reflection.  The changing colors of the leaves on the trees puts me in the thought mode of the changes I have made in my life and in the lives of those I love.

I also take inventory to see if I have accomplished at least one task I said that I would do.  The fall changes things and one can anticipate the change to come.

Have you written that book, revised it?  Have you completed that thesis so that you can realize your degree?  The beautiful season of fall is here.  Change is in the air-wonderful change!  Make it happen now.  I’m here to help you.


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