Remember this brave young lady, who at 35 years old endured the pressures of having Ovarian Cancer and suffered through it and the side effect of her cancer treatment for a year?  Remember how grateful and thankful we all were when the doctor declared her cancer free? Well, after three years of cancer free checkups and losing that weight that the chemo put on her, and going back to work, and starting her life up again, and her hair growing back, she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer again in April of this year.

I never thought to hear those words again where she was concerned. I was oblivious of the fact that many people with various cancers can experience the pains of it coming back. But after three years of good reports, it seemed to “sneak” back up on her. Along with that devastating and shocking diagnosis, she almost died from a mistake the doctor made inserting the new port into her left chest.  I was frightened that I’d lose my daughter to a mistake. But God is merciful.  Here is the incident in her own words:

“On May 6th I had surgery. From that surgery found out I have Ovarian cancer again. I was told to take lovenox to prevent blood clots but it made me bleed internally. After that May 31st I went to have a mediport placed again for Chemotherapy but the surgeon had placed it in my pulmonary artery causing me to go into something called a cardiac tamponade, meaning nearly a liter of blood had flooded the space of heart. Cardiovascular surgeons wanted to crack open my chest as they would for someone going for open heart surgery to get the misplaced mediport out having no other method to correct the mistake. But a “S.O.S” was sent out among all the hospitals in Michigan and a Radiologist from U of M said that he could get it out without having to do that. So I was transferred there. When he operated on me he had prepared to “plug the hole in my artery.” But when he pulled the misplaced mediport there was nothing to plug, amazing the Radiologist. The Lord had sealed the artery Himself.”

The road she has traveled as been paved with tears, pain, questions and sickness. But I can say that she is alive and with me, still.  I just want you all to know that as you joined me and others praying for her and for all those dear children and adults who battle any type of cancer, let’s not stop.  I am not angry, merely thoughtful.  I am not afraid to be “politically incorrect” by telling you that God is our help and stay.  I am excited about her future. Some didn’t make it this far, but she has.

I am going to chronicle her 2nd battle with Ovarian Cancer just to let you know that life is worth the battles we face, especially if you face them with the Lord.






It has been a long time since I got a chance to blog about Jonathan.  He’s is still the joy of our lives and he makes me laugh.  He is, in many ways, a typical 14-year old high school teenager.  I finally let him get a YouTube account and he loves that. He loves to do stop action videos in his room and put them on YouTube. He went to his first homecoming game and homecoming dance.  But he went alone and was angry because I tried to make him dress up. LOL. 

But the one thing that’s on his mind is driving.  Those 3 aunts I told you about started about 2 years ago letting him drive in parking lots and around the corner at the church. He let me and his Goompa know that he could get a permit at 14 years and 8 months.  He counted the hours, it seemed to me as he waited for 14 years and 8 months to roll around.  He had only 2 words in his vocabulary: Driving and permit.  I even gave in twice and let him drive to the end of the driveway in our complex. Sorry guys, my nerves are not what they used to be. 

But guess what? He began driver’s education at school on December 2nd. He will have to work and study hard for the certificate and I have no doubt that he’ll do just that. But you know what that means??? Him behind the wheel as we go to the supermarket, church and on short errands. HELP!!

So, here we go again. There’s never a dull moment traveling Jonathan’s Way.  I’ll keep you posted.