As I think about what I want in my book/journal I find that there is so much that I can write about.  Things happy and sad, fun and not so fun. Boy, oh boy.  I understand now what writers deal with when their thoughts are coming ‘fast and furious’ or slow and muddled.  I decided that I will choose to write what fills my heart the most.  In choosing like that I believe I will be able to convey to my readers a part of me never known or only vaguely known.  

I love authors and writers so much.  They are the world’s most unique people.  They are brave and daring and unashamed to let the world know what’s in their hearts and minds or what they are passionate about. Keep choosing to write about things that fill you with emotions, both good and bad.  And for goodness sake, don’t ever second guess youself.  Remember, you are unique. When your manuscript is completed send it to me. Remember, I am choosing to be there for you, to listen to you and above all- I’m here for you.

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