It took me to raise my children and to begin raising my grandchild to decide to do one of the two things that I really wanted to do.  In my early life I began to learn to sing Opera.  I dreamt of being in an opera production and singing.  Well, at such a young age and with a Mom like I had, she said to me, “You can’t feed yourself like that. Go into business”.  So, I took business and like she said, I was able to take care of myself and my family.   

Many years later helping one of my daughters with her online virtual business, I edited a book for a client and got the fever to do that.  I love to help writers get their literary works ready for the publisher.  Writers are the best.   So, here I am with my own business, meeting you and other real people over a manuscript, resume or website.   That’s my dream come true.  What’s yours?  If it’s a poem, book or short story, believe me when I say….

Believe me, it's worth editing.....