Memories Make Great books!



My grandson turned eleven years old in January.  He felt like he was a really big boy once he turned eleven.  When he awoke on his birthday, he cleared his throat and said in a very perplexed voice, “Mom, how come my voice isn’t deeper, since I am eleven now?”  I tried to explain that in time it will get deeper, but he didn’t buy that. He dismissed it, so I left it alone, too.  Later that same day, he asked me, “Will I be able to shave now?”  I tried to let him know that he was still too young to shave.  A bad choice of words on my part.  So, I salvaged my answer with, “When you begin to get hair on your face you can.”   I will always remember that. It’s a great memory.   

Today, I asked him why he didn’t give me a hug and kiss hardly, anymore. He said, “Mom, I don’t give much ‘sugar’ anymore because I am a PRE-TEEN.  That’s a good memory I will always cherish, too.

You, too, have great memories and you are inspired to put them on paper.  Go ahead and do it.  It will make you laugh, cry, and sigh.  But you will cherish them always.  When you are finished, send it to me.  I am always here for you.

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