Believe me memories make great books!

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My grandson was 18 months old and he still hadn’t said a word.  I noticed it, but decided to give him until he was 2 years old to be certain he wasn’t just a slow starter.  Well, at 24 months old, I took him to his pediatrician and the doctor sent us to the right people to have him evaluated.  Once the proper tests had been done, and the neurologist examined him, it was determined that he was, in fact, Autistic.  Well, I panicked because I never had to deal with that condition.  I didn’t even know what it was.  I really didn’t know who would help us either.  Thank goodness for people who specialize in these types of situation with special needs children.  The school reps came out to our home and immediately put my mind at ease, letting me know that they did know what to do.  First of all they put him in pre-school. After about a week in school, the first words he spoke were, “NO” and “STOP”!  That was music to my ears.

Fast forward nine years and he is 11 years old sitting right next to me as I do this post playing his violin and passing gas and laughing about it.  It’s still music to my ears.  He’s faced a lot of challenges, some that made me cry. Who knows what’s to come?  But he is still the joy of our lives and he has given us lasting memories.

Believe me memories make great books.

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