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Since I’ve joined the ranks of writers, I find that most anything I focus on can get me in the mode of writing.  But most of all the things that I like get my creative juices flowing.   Ambiance is the mood, the character, the quality, atmosphere or tone that surrounds you and triggers a reaction in you to do.  I am traditional where most furnishings are concerned; but also I  am affected by the weather.  It’s raining outside my window as I type this post. I appreciate the grayness of the sky. It puts me in a very serious mood and I think of the book I am penning right now.  I try to make sure to get my motivation from the things that makes me react to my surroundings.   I love a chair with a light on a table in the evening – it triggers my creative juices, as well.

I believe you have the idea and I believe that you have a book or poem or devotional or manual in you from your own surrounding.  Let’s get going.  I am excited for you, and I believe in you.  Remember, too, that I am here for you.

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Missed Opportunities….No Way!


Have you ever regretted doing something or not doing something?  I have.  I wished that I would have continued with my studies in opera singing.  I could have gone back to it, but never did.  That’s just one thing that I regretted.  There are a few more, but my point is that when it comes to writing and publishing that book, completing that poetry collection, those short stories that you have tucked away in a drawer or closet that you’ve had for such a long time, and finishing that dissertation to get your deserved degree, you don’t have to regret it.  Actually, these are goals and dreams that you can realize at most any time, like right now.  

There is no particular time to seize the opportunity, but there’s nothing like right now. Consider people gone before you and me who would have been obscure save for the fact that they left something behind for the world to grasp.  Be that person, be that someone. Complete that great literary work and send it to me.  I’m always here for you.  You don’t have to miss your opportunity.

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