Happy New Year to everyone! 

It’s day three of the new year and I am excited about it. But this morning when I got up my knee said, “Take it slow.”  Well, I thought I was taking it slow, but not slow enough. So here I sit waiting on my pain medicine to kick in. 

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Arthritis for all the medical terminology and explanations about it HURTS! I used to power walk, exercise, and swim all the time. Oh yes, I used to run, too. Now I hobble to the car wondering why the car keeps moving further and further away from me.  I still try to lift those 5 pound weights for my upper arms. I try to do 10 lifts at a time. (I count by 2s). The last time I got in the 3 foot shallow end of the pool, I nearly drowned (not really) because my one arm would not go forward like it used to. (I used to do a mean dog paddle). Running is a fantasy I have now. 

Well, even though things have changed and I am older, I am still full of zest and life; it’s just that my body didn’t get the memo! No matter I am still grateful for each new day I wake up. I am glad for each year God gives me. I am glad that there are days when my arthritis doesn’t hurt so bad! 

It’s a new year and new challenges abound. Let’s face them with God on our side. Oh yes, I have learned that getting old isn’t for the weak, it’s for the strong! Here’s to a wonderful 2018 for all of us. 




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Well, I am focusing on myself a bit more, just like I said in my last blog. So, I went to the doctor. I am so glad that I did go to the doctor. I truly didn’t know how bad I had gotten until I received a call today from the doctor’s office that my hemoglobin was low, and I had to come in again with stool samples and give another blood sample. SHUCKS!


Not only that, but my pressure was up. You’re gonna like this one—because of the stress of Johanna’s health problems, my hair began falling out. So, I think it is time that I made sure of my own health, now that I can think. I am no good to anyone else if I’m no good to myself.  

Give me some suggestions on what to eat or drink to help my hemoglobin levels. Again, thank you all for your prayers. We got this!