As you already know, I have a thing for grammar.  Go figure.  My first passion was to be an opera singer.  In High School I started learning the art of opera singing, but my Mom quickly put a stop to that with the remark, “You can’t feed yourself like that”.  Oh well. So, after that I worked for many years in offices and then one day, I found myself helping my daughter with her online business. A young lady needed a pamphlet proofed; and I proofed it for her.  I found my niche at that moment; and the rest is history.

Well, I have been content to edit your wonderful works of literature.  I truly enjoy helping others with their books and I believe I always will.  But something life changing happened in my family about two years ago and I wanted to talk about it, at first.  Then, I decided that maybe I should write about it.  I’ve joined the ranks of writers!

frustrated icon at computer

So, I have put pen to paper or  fingers to the keyboard and have begun writing my own book for the very first time in my life.  It’s entitled, Tears in a Bottle: A Journal.

I need to follow my own words of encouragement that I have shared with all of you.  Just one favor I ask:  Check in on me periodically to see if I am practicing what I preach. Thanks.

IMG_20151028_110227 (1)


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