I begin today to chronicle my daughter Johanna’s journey to health again as she battles Ovarian Cancer. She’s the only one of our children who went into the medical field. Funny that when she decided to become a nurse, she changed her mind and remained a CNA. She decided at that time, many years ago, that she wanted to write. But she has seen things that I am not able to bear. Now she is experiencing what she has helped other to cope with – illness – cancer – Ovarian cancer.

Here’s a little tidbit of humor, I think and a true story. She called me excited as can be. Her entire class went to the Cadaver Lab in the city. They were all dissecting a human body. 

Johanna: Mama, guess what?!

Me: What?

Johanna: We are all here at the Cadaver Lab and I got a chance to take the eye out and dissect it. I held it in my hand. That was so cool.

Me: stuttering

Johanna: Okay, Ma, I gotta go. They are about to take out the brain. Bye.

Me: (after she hangs up) stuttering.

Go with me as I, from time to time, give you a glimpse along her journey back to health. I hope that as you journey with me, that you will re-evaluate your own feelings towards your friends and loved ones and realize that people are people and in the end we love them. Don’t be afraid to admit that you love the estranged individual. It’s healing for your soul.

Johanna is a twin. She and her sister are fraternal twins. She was born weighing an entire pound less than her older twin sister. It was funny, I ha a cesarean section and when they brought her out she was sucking her thumb. I see her right now. She was the one who would stay woke to make sure I made it home, even as a baby. I was working and going to school then. Her twin and older sister tried to remain awake, but Johanna always gave me a big toothless smile when I came home. I looked forward to that smile.  

                Newborn Johanna
5-year old Johanna
                         5-year old Johanna


More tomorrow.




2 thoughts on “JOHANNA’S JOURNEY…

    1. Well, I am glad you do, because I was stuttering when she got off the phone. So, you can tell I am a weak-kneed individual who can’t take such things. Just put me in front of a computer. Thank you very much. I confess that I am a coward. Have a wonderful day.

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