Johanna, Erika, Jennifer

You know, I have three grown daughters. I love them each with all of my heart. But can someone tell me why it is that when you and  your daughters are basically the same size, that you can’t keep any clothes in your own closet??!!  I mean really. Case and point. Yesterday, my daughter Johanna came over and asked me if I had some pants for her to wear because she needed them really bad for someplace she had to go. Well, as a mom I said yes I did. About an hour later, I watched as my last two pair of pants walked out the door without me and a pair of my shoes, and two of my tops. Those clothes left me with this message, “I’ll give them back when I’m finished.” I just sat there wondering what I was going to wear. Then, to my relief, I found a pair of beat up Capri pants in the back of my closet. I’m not giving those up. I tied them to me with a chain!

Last Christmas when offices have their Christmas parties, my daughter Jennifer was smiling and grinning on Facebook. She looked lovely to me, until I realized that the dress she was wearing was the one new one I had bought and had never worn. I don’t know how she got it out of the house without me seeing it! She was styling in it so daringly. She still has it and it’s May.

I bought five dresses last year. I usually wear them to church, so they don’t get a whole lot of wear from me. Well, Erika called me several times last year and early this year needing some dresses and shoes to wear for her business events. I had to threaten her to give me back just one of those dresses. 

I am currently looking in a catalog to see how much a barrel and suspenders cost! Daughters, you gotta love ’em.