More than I can say, it is good to see other ethnicities join in the protests for racial justice, accountability and equality. I am glad that there are so many courageous and brave young people who would stand together against such injustice. It was novel to see elderly people march or stand for injustice and help peaceful protesters. It was just wonderful to see a 95-year old man walking in a peaceful protest.

It’s been a little more than 2 weeks and protests are still going on. People are protesting for changes that can happen without an act of congress. I applaud them all.

But there are others who say,  “All right. That’s enough now. We got it. Let’s get back to business as ———–”  Some might even say they wish thing could go back to the way it was. Never again, is what I say. Never again!

I hurt a bit when I saw a policeman ranting and raving about people vilifying them all. He made such valid point when he said that all police are not like the group who suffocated the life out of George Floyd. He said that most police when they saw it were disgusted and outraged as other citizens. I hurt for those who have had to bare the brunt of these critical times in our country because of heinous acts by a few law enforcement officers abusing their power. I saw so many law enforcement officers kneel and pay respect to all who died by police brutality and praying for better days and I cheered for them. Most police are not that way. I don’t believe that they are. It’s not fair to think it either. My thoughts are this: One bad apple can spoil a whole bushel. It is up to the good law enforcement people, whatever their race to show those bad apples that it won’t be tolerated. And that if they don’t heed the warnings, they will suffer consequences to the full extent of the law.

Also, the struggle has gone on for over 200 years and still African Americans and other people of color have had to endure the worst kinds of injustices because of our beautiful skin color. It’s been 401 years and we’re still trying to get justice for so much that was denied us from the time the first slave ships docked here in the U.S. Irreverent and ungodly acts not to mention lies and lynchings and rapes and beatings and destruction of our families and caricatures and stereotypes and inhuman acts and laws were leveled on us a  people in times past and sadly in 2020. It was the norm to hang black people, and just like in the roman arenas where spectators enjoyed watching men, women and children fed to the lions and never flinching at what happens to them, so some enjoy racism, which is a lion trying to devour us.

Post card displaying blacks hanging

Actual Postcard

Some may say that we’re going overboard with this thing. On the contrary we’ve not begun. What kind of human delights in this so much that it was a postcard?? An evil human who doesn’t realize that God is watching. My God in Heaven, help us!

No, there won’t be any ‘going back to normal’ ever again. Never!




Hello all,

I’ve been out of it for a couple of months, due to, well due to life. I have read your blogs and smiled and laughed and sighed and even cried with some of you. It’s just that I haven’t had the time to really stop and comment regularly. No matter. I am glad for this short break to post on my own blog.

I have wanted to change the name of my blog from It’s Worth Editing for a while now, but couldn’t think of anything suitable until about a month ago. I mean I wasn’t looking for anything bizzare, but just something a little different. I don’t know when I came up with it, but I thought, “Well, it’s my point of view; it’s how I see it; it’s even how I roll, as the kids would say. So, I’ve decided to make a small change in the title of my blog from It’s Worth Editing to “How I See it-the Editor’s point of view.” 

Yeah, I realize that there aren’t any bells and whistles going off, but I also want to know what you think. So, let me know if it’s okay with you or I am open to other suggestions, too. Especially from those of you who have read and responded to my blog.  Help me out guys. Thanks.