Erika -eldest,  Johanna-Twin



I had the privilege of raising three girls.  I always wanted two children and wound up with three when 4 years after my first daughter was born, I had twin girls.  So now on April 21, 2016 and on April 23, 2016, they all had birthdays.  The twins were on April 21st and my oldest was on the 23rd.  Nothing new about that I know, unless you are the mother of these three girls.  Erika, my oldest turned 39 and Jennifer and Johanna, twins turned 35.

When it seems like life’s deck is stacked against you and your own circumstances sort of help that deck out, you can get uncertain.  But I believe in God and asked Him for his help. He sent me the most generous man in the world to raise them.  They are true daddy’s girls. Long story short:

  • Erika is a senior account manager with an appraisal firm and a bad to the bone business woman. (Her idol is Benjamin Franklin on the hundred dollar bill-nuf said)
  • Jennifer is a successful author with two online radio shows and she has just launched her own online broadcasting media company.  Her fifth book is about to come out on May 31st. (Pen name is Parker J. Cole)
  • Johanna has published her first book late last year and is working on the sequel to it, now.  (Pen name is Lynnette Roman)

The moral of the story a dedicated and committed parent doesn’t have to worrry about life’s deck stacked against them.  God alone will make sure nothing stops your effort.