Johanna and her older sister Erika brighter and happier days


Johanna and her sister Erika difficult days


You  may or may not know that Johanna is a writer and has published two books. She has publishing contract for 3 books. The problem with the 3rd book isn’t that she cannot write it. The problem is getting the strength and stamina to write it. I said that because when I saw how sick she was last week, I really thought she was going to have to go back into the hospital. Not only that, but twice she said to me, “Ma, I can’t think straight. I can’t think.” I was so concerned about it when she said that. We both found out that her not being able to think clearly is what the Chemo nurse called “Chemo Brain.” Have you ever heard such a thing?! The treatment makes her fuzzy for a time. I have been totally helpless as to what to do. But after about 2 days, she’s sharp as ever. When she’s clear-headed, she can think once again. 

I confess that her illness has taken its toll on me, too. But, my own feelings aside, I’ve seen my youngest daughter blossom under this affliction of cancer into a much more mature  young woman who is already thinking about relocating to begin her life anew after she wins this battle with cancer. I love the human spirit that God gave. It never gives up. It may get down at times, but it never gives up.  

More tomorrow.


Johanna at Chemo clinic for her treatment – sad days


4 thoughts on “JOHANNA’S JOURNEY PART 5

  1. I lost my Grandma to Ovarian Endometriosis Cancer she had it twice. I want to buy a piss on cancer sticker! You got this girl! Cancer isn’t going to take our ovaries away! God gave them for a reason, he said be fruitful and make many,not put chemo and take them away! RIGHT????

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  2. You are so right there. I am grateful to the Lord because Johanna’s cancer won’t take her out, but it is such a terribly agressive treatment she has to take and there are times when she’s just limp, lifeless, and weak.

    I do like that sticker idea, though! (lol) We got this! And when it is over, we’ll be able to help others through their hard times. So sad about your beloved Grandma.


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