Thank you all for traveling Jonathan’s Way with me. There’s so much more that I can share, but it’s not necessary right now. Suffice it to say that Jonathan is a true gift from God! He is such a unique individual and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As I write this post, he is next to me with his phone (His Aunt Jennifer gave it to him) and his ear buds in and laughing about something he is watching on YouTube. I had no idea that YouTube had things like contests for kids to guess which fries or nuggets or ice creams are the best. Traveling Jonathan’s way, I now know that.

The last video game I played before Facebook was Pac-Man on an old Nintendo. Jonathan introduced me to Pokemon Go! He laughs and laughs watching people on YouTube play it. I am just not interested in it at all. Right now he is watching bowling on it and commenting, “Seriously?”

He is reaching out for me now just touching my arm, nothing else, no requests. He feels at ease and comfortable with me. He feels safe. I am glad for that feeling he has. The world we live in isn’t safe all the time for our children.


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In September he begins middle school and the journey starts over. It’s a new beginning for him and for me and for all of our family, as we travel Jonathan’s way. One of the best bloggers I know is David Snape, and  when I asked him a few days ago what advice he had for me about Jonathan going into middle school, he simply said that he is going to learn a lot in these next five years. He also said that Jonathan would be alright. Thanks David. I appreciate you.

Hey guys, don’t be a stranger. I am a book editor, but I also love reading your blogs. If you have some tips or  even advice for me as I travel Jonathan’s way, feel free to share it!

Don’t forget, I’m here for you.



8 thoughts on “JONATHAN’S WAY CHAPTER 15

  1. I’m so glad you found and followed me. I’m new to blogging and still figuring stuff out. Now I get to see how awesome you are! I am awed and inspired by my fellow bloggers. Wishing you a wonderful day!

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