2 thoughts on “JONATHAN’S WAY CHAPTER 14

  1. I always had to plug my ears during the THX logo and screamed when the doorbell rang. I still can’t handle dogs, kids and fireworks. I find myself very misunderstood, as if these are things to get over. i also take longer to process what I take in and can’t always talk in a steady stream of words, especially when in trauma mode as I am now as we have neighbors setting off M80s in August at any time of the day or night, despite police intervention. I’m tranquilizing up so I am as out as possible. Please pray for me that the madness stops.


  2. Hi dear. I really appreciate your sharing these things with me. I learn as I go, too. Jonathan is beginning middle school in September and a brand new school brings brand new experiences and challenges. There are some sounds that he just can’t stomach. But most of the time, I do my best to keep his environment as peaceful as possible. I understand that it’s not always possible, but for the most part, with support from us, he can endure some of the changes. You are so right. People expect a pill to make the difference. I don’t give Jonathan any kind of medicines except allergy meds, over the counter and his asthma inhaler. I sure hope that these next years will prove to be even better for him and truly for you, as well.

    You should consider writing a book, no flattery intended. You have a lot to reveal that the world can benefit from. Please feel free to send me tips, snipits and anything else that you think might help me where Jonathan is concerned. I appreciate you more than you know. I have already added you to my prayers. Thanks.


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