Jonathan at Christmas 2008
Jonathan at Christmas 2008

After having made an appointment with a child neurologist per the professional from our county’s Early On organization, I found myself sitting in the neurologist’s office with Jonathan and one of  my daughters. Because Jonathan wasn’t speaking, we began using sign language with him so that we could at least help him communicate a little bit.  The sign for eat he picked up real fast!

His neurologist examined him and then asked me a battery of questions:

  1. Does he like or seem obsessed with zippers or buttons?
  2. Does he line his toys up?
  3. Is he obsessed with certain toys?
  4. Do certain sounds upset him?



He asked other questions about Jonathan’s behavior, but those are the ones I remember most. I answered yes to all of the questions. I remember that my daughter and I were amazed that the doctor never having seen Jonathan before knew all about his behavior. The doctor smiled at me and after a little more interview he said: “Mom he is autistic.”

My question: What is autistic? 

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and autism are both general terms for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized, in varying degrees, by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. 

My world came crashing down around of me. I was frightened, not knowing what autism was. I was uncertain as to whether I could help him. I immediately began to worry about his future. I was devastated inwardly. I was quaking outwardly. This little boy, who trusted me and my husband completely had a condition that I knew nothing of. He needed us from the outset of his life, and we were there. He needed us now—I was there but didn’t know what to do. I wondered would he ever speak. More tomorrow.

When you get over the initial shock, take a breath and plunge right in. You won’t drown.



8 thoughts on “JONATHAN’S WAY CHAPTER 3

  1. Hey there! So glad you found my blog now I’m visiting yours! If you are not already visit this WP blog, I absolutely love this mom and especially her son MJ!He is older than your son but is the most amazing person. I am also raising a 5 year old boy with special needs so we laugh and cry together at our journey’s. Our kids are amazing and God reveals himself in their development that they are perfect just the way they are! I’ll send you the link to my son’s story separately. I’m following you now so we’re in this together. Strong moms of special needs boys ROCK!!!😍😁💕


    1. Graciously I am so glad to know that Jonathan’s Way is a bit of an encouragement. I just decided to talk about him, as I usually speak on different subjects for writers and authors. I’m a book editor and do administraive services. is my website address. Yes, it was so funny, when Jonathan was about 3 years old, I found out that his name, Jonathan means “gift of God.” Is that on time or what? So, ever since then, I have realized that God gifted him to my husband and me and we’re raising him to the best of our abilities to the glory of God. I’m not going to stop now. He is eleven and will begin Middle School in September. Yes indeed strong moms of special needs boys do rock! I look forward to that link you’ll share with me.

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      1. Talking about it and sharing with others gives strength and support for you and others! Wish I met you earlier! I was looking for an editor last month but our timing is meant for other reasons. Oh he’s 11? Thought he was a little dude! Lol! MJ may be that same age too. Stay blessed God’s got him, you and everyone else in your village!

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