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Table with lamp in the evening
sparkling ambiance
Dark & Dazzling

ambiancelogo - Copy


Women's clothing - ambiance
Women’s clothing room


Since I’ve joined the ranks of writers, I find that most anything I focus on can get me in the mode of writing.  But most of all the things that I like get my creative juices flowing.   Ambiance is the mood, the character, the quality, atmosphere or tone that surrounds you and triggers a reaction in you to do.  I am traditional where most furnishings are concerned; but also I  am affected by the weather.  It’s raining outside my window as I type this post. I appreciate the grayness of the sky. It puts me in a very serious mood and I think of the book I am penning right now.  I try to make sure to get my motivation from the things that makes me react to my surroundings.   I love a chair with a light on a table in the evening – it triggers my creative juices, as well.

I believe you have the idea and I believe that you have a book or poem or devotional or manual in you from your own surrounding.  Let’s get going.  I am excited for you, and I believe in you.  Remember, too, that I am here for you.

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I'm a Freelance Book Editor, and blogger. I do administrative services from simple resumes to websites I am married to Stanley and together we are raising our grandson. I have 4 grown children two of which are authors with published books and short stories, one who has her Master's Degree in Business and making her mark in the corporate world; and one son with his own screen printing business. I am passionate about editing for authors who are passionate about their work. I love singing, sewing, reading, and swimming when I can.

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