When every one is asleep. I can think a bit clearer and that’s what I am doing right now.  I am thinking about my grandson’s birthday today.  He is 11 years old today.  He has also had a good day.   Now he’s asleep and I can reflect on this day and my grandson in particular:

  • He’s still the joy of our lives (my husband and me)
  • He thought that when he turned 11 his voice would get deeper
  • He thought that it wouldn’t be long before he’d have a beard
  • He is always thinking that it is time for him to drive
  • He has us all wrapped around his little finger.
  • He has learning challenges that we’ve worked on since pre-school
  • He has a bravery that many adults don’t have, because he keeps on going
  • He’s open to new ideas and plans for this 2016 New Year
  • He has set two goals for 2016
    • Buy a larger scooter – he is saving his money
    • Ride his bike even better this year

If an 11 year old can set goals that are reasonable and doable.  So can you.  I am waiting to get that book revision, manuscript, collection of poems, memoirs, thesis, dissertation, and short story from you so I can edit it and get it ready for your publisher.  Remember, I am here for you.

Meet my grandson Jonathan


His name means Gift of God




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