It’s the funniest thing that since 2016 has come in I have been thinking of childhood memories.  I can’t remember a lot of them, but one of my fondest memories is going to the Eastern Market in Detroit MI.  I liked it so much when we went there.  All the different farmers who cAme into the city for the weekend to sell their goods.  It seemed as if everyone in the world was there with us.  No one seemed angry and upset as many do today.  Life was simpler then and it was a live and let live time for many people.  (SIGH)  I love those open markets and street vendors.  I hope they never go out of style.

Sax player at Eastern market

detroit_eastern_market_shed_3_after Eastern Mkt grown in Detroit EasternMkt_Bowen_9040

It’s wonderful to have memories that inspire you to smile or even to write.  I know that you, too, have memories that will inspire you in this new year.  It’s 2016 – accomplish your goal of a literary piece and then send it to me.  I’m  still here for you.


IMG_20151028_110227 (1)




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