It’s so easy to complain, especially in this world today.  All of us have opinions about what would make things better than they are.  The issues that face our world are truly complex and terrifying all at once. We don’t know when it will get better or even if it will get better.  Sounds like an attitude we don’t want to nurture, right?


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Well, don’t foster it. That’s not the attitude you want.  There is one emotion that can dispel a lot of negative emotions and that emotion is gratitude or better put – THANKFULNESS.  Don’t let being thankful become commonplace.  There are too many in the world who don’t have just what you have and they are filled with gratitude. Don’t let thankfulness fill your heart and mind only on the last Thursday in November, but let it be a constant state with you that can culminate on Thanksgiving Day, when you and loved ones sit down to a family dinner and relax in each other’s company.  A thankful person is a happy person.



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