Royal manual typewritertyping on manual typewriter

I learned to type on a Royal manual typewriter similar to this one.  aaa (sp) sss (sp) ddd (sp) fff (sp)… and so on.  If you learned to type wayyyyy back then as I did, you remember the drill.  Then your copy would come  out like the one above.  I’m not poking fun at these once high-tech business aids.  We still type everyday.  Technology, however, has come full swing and there is more technological advancements to come.  It’s very exciting!

And just as we have evolved from manual typewriters and carbon paper copies to computers, tablets, ipads, and cell phones, so we have to evolve our thinking where administrative services are concerned.

I had to help a 50 something gentlemen find employment.  When he sent me his resume’ it had been typed on a manual typewriter!  I was pleasantly shocked.  My first words to him were, “Come on, let’s get with it.  Bring your thinking up to the 20th century at least!”  (Between you and me and this blog, we brought him up to the 21st century).    I’m certain your resume’ is from this current century, but it might need an “an energy drink” to liven it up.  Send it to me and I’ll get it done for you and provide a cover letter to set you apart from other applicants.  Once you’re at the table with the interviewers, I have no doubt you’ll take care of the rest.

Remember, I’m here for you.





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