It’s interesting that so many writers I speak with are uncertain of themselves and their talent for writing and the ideas they wish to write about.  I love having that conversation with them, because I get the opportunity to ask them a few of questions:  “Are you intimidated by other well-known writers and authors?  Do you have a topic/subject that is really pressing in your mind and heart that you want to explore?  How long have you felt that way?

Do some of these questions rise in your own mind as you ‘attempt’ to write?  Well, I suggest that you stop attempting to write, take a deep breath, look in the mirror and say “I have to be myself”.  Do you know that among the billions of people inhabiting this planet there is only one you?  Yep, even if you’re a twin, there is something unique about you.  Please, don’t try to be like someone else in your writing. Readers appreciate you for being you.  So, since this is November, and many will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, look up and humbly tell God, “Thank you for making me, me.”

I’m here for you when that manuscript is completed.  Just give me a call.  Remember, too, that whatever the great work …


It’s Worth Editing,


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