My husband lost his twin brother in the early 90s.  This past Saturday, he lost his older brother.  He is the last sibling and I am sure his heart is full of great memories of his brothers.  Interesting how death makes memories come to the forefront.  Good memories are wonderful “keepsakes.”

Memories begin with,

  • I remember when we were all kids and…
  • Oh yeah, remember that time when Mom and Dad took us to…
  • Once we went to the zoo and…
  • I’ll never forget the time when Uncle came to help…

How can we brings those types of memories to life?  A biography, devotional or even a book of poetry pays great homage and honor to your memories and makes you smile even when the heart is sad.  When you complete your literary work, you will be able to say, “THOSE WERE GOOD TIMES.”

With all of your good memories of those you love, I’m here for you.


It’s Worth Editing



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