As a child, one of my daughters did whatever her little heart desired.  She kicked her dad right in the shin.  Why?  She just wanted to.  She was choking on something—I tried Heimlich—nothing seemed to work—the real problem: a small pack of salt she had found and dumped into her mouth.  The remedy: a sip of water.  She tried almost anything. She was daring—NOTHING WAS OFF LIMITS.   I worried about her.  She is in her thirties now and has written and published three books and a short story.  She has two weekly online radio programs and is going strong. She maintained that daring attitude and nothing is off-limits.

I_dare_youI DARE you to finish that story and then I DOUBLE DARE you to get it published. (I’ll edit it for you). There’s a world of topics and a secret desire you’ve held onto for so long.  Go on.  I DARE YOU!


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