You really don’t have any more excuses.  Get to it.  I’ve seen and spoken to so many people with the passion for writing stories, novels, non-fiction and poetry.  Several have even said that all they need is to finish up and they will have a complete manuscript.  But they doubt themselves.  Never do that.  What are you waitin’ for?  Don’t wait on someone to affirm you.  You literary work will do that.  It’s about what fills you, not someone else’s approval.  Uncertainty is the enemy.  It keeps you from what’s in your mind and heart to put on paper.  What you do will help someone else, too.  What are you waitin’ for? NOTHING!  Okay, well I expect to hear from you in less than a month so I can edit your great work and get it ready for your publisher.  PROCRASTINATION 2


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