Lets be honest, a new year’s resolution is nothing if one never starts to make the resolution a reality. People are always talking about what they are going to do. I was like that myself more than one time in my life. However, I came up with a sure fire way to make any resolution goal a reality. What do you think?


Yeah, I know that you’ve heard that before, but have you tried to make your resolution realistic? Ex. Instead of saying, “I’m going to walk three miles every day, say something like I am going to begin by walking 15 minutes three times a week. This is especially good for people who are just beginning to walk.

Do this – plan to lose so much weight per quarter instead of 10 pounds every month

Eliminate one or two food items and replace with one or two healthier ones – Green tea will gradually aid in taking away the taste for the soda pop. I know, I drank green tea and water for eight weeks and I slowly lost the taste for soda pop. I haven’t had any in five years.

Add at least eight (8) more ounces of water to your regimen daily – that just one glass more a day.

Oh yes, that book you have been talking about writing for the last six years, start by committing to one chapter a month. It will take shape before you know it and then you can send it to It’s Worth Editing to get it ready for your publisher. IT’S THE NEW YEAR – RESOLVE TO GET IT DONE!



  1. One thing I have noticed lately is how many people join the gym at the beginning of the year. They come and work out but when they don’t see immediate results they quit. The biggest catch is consistency.

    Drinking water and eating clean are the solutions to losing the pounds. This lifestyle change will help you help yourself and encourage everyone else.

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